Refund Policy

Because offers virtual, downloadable products (e.g., newsletter templates), we do not offer refunds once a purchase has been made. Customers bear the responsibility for understanding this policy when making a purchase at

Situations where we will work with you on a refund:

  1. Defects in the file or file corruption issues. From time-to-time, a defect may become present, which causes your file not to open, or to open and act all screwy (the technical term). If this occurs, we’ll work with you to rectify and ensure you can open the file. If we can’t resolve, we’ll issue a refund. You must, however, provide proof of the corruption issue and contact us within 7 days from the order date. After 7 days, too bad.
  2. Product delivered isn’t what was described. For example, if you ordered a newsletter, then for some reason you instead get a flyer, then we’ll issue a refund or help you resolve the issue and get what you wanted in the first place. Again, you must contact us within 7 days from the order date to make your request. After 7 days, we hope you enjoy your amazing flyer.

Please note that we list the file format of each product/deliverable. If you order one of our products, then realize you don’t actually have the correct software to open and manipulate the file, the onus is on you; we do not bear responsibility nor offer refunds. We strongly suggest reading the information for each product.

If you have questions or need technical support, please contact us using the form below:


Refund Request Form - (Please read full policy above before submitting)

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