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Use our InDesign brochure template for whatever your computer-related business might be.


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You’ve always dreamed of starting your computer business. And you’ve always dreamed of having a great brochure to help sell your services. Finally, that dream has come true with our computer brochure template. You’ll love it so much you’ll take it out to fancy dinners, and to meet your parents. Complete strangers will come into your business, just to compliment you on your brochure. Then they’ll see all the products and services you offer. They’ll take one of each, and tell their friends. Their friends will stop in, admire the brochure hanging proudly on your wall, then they too will buy 100 computers each. You’ll be so busy, you may never sleep again…until you sell your company to Apple for millions and millions of dollars. Then you’ll sleep under the shade of a palm tree on a beach, sipping a fruity drink, and your trusty brochure in the hammock next to you.

Computer Brochure Specs

InDesign CC (2015)
All fonts embedded in source files
Add your own photos to personalize
(Need photos? Try,, or



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