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First off, we will NOT sell your information to weird rebel extremists, or hackers, or foreign government nationals, or anyone else for that matter. We like privacy as much as you do, and we’ll take fair and reasonable efforts to ensure your information is protected and never shared.

Now on to the nitty gritty:

Our privacy policy provides information relating to privacy practices on This policy only covers information collected by this website, and not affiliates, links, or partners. The policy informs you of the following:

  1. How we collect, use, and share your information
  2. How you can access and control your information
  3. Security procedures we have in place
  4. How you can correct information we have that’s incorrect

How we collect, use, and share your information

We don’t share it. We are the owners of the information we collect on this site. We only have information about you that you willingly share because we don’t like headlocks or noogies.

We will use your information when we need to contact you or respond to your inquiry. If you’ve opted in to receive our newsletter, then you’re very smart. We’ll send you information based on your opt in only as long as you agree. You can choose to no longer receive these emails by unsubscribing, but we warn you, you’ll miss them. You really will.

How you can access and control your information

If you ever want to know exactly what information we have on file, just shoot us an inquiry and we’ll coordinate via a call or email, whatever you prefer. There’s a form at the bottom of this policy you can fill out. It’s the best/fastest way to reach us.

Security procedures we have in place

We only collect information you provide. Sensitive financial information, such as your credit card information, is protected by encrypted transmission (think SSL). If you choose to pay via PayPal, then they handle all the encryption stuff and we’re not liable.

Please, don’t ever put your social security number, or debit card and PIN, or even your shirt size in a form submission on our site. We only want the information needed to complete the transaction, nothing more.

If you ever have concerns or questions on how we’re managing our privacy policy or your information, please contact us via the form below.

Some additional boilerplate you should know


To make an order, you have to provide payment and contact information. We will only charge you for the order you place, nothing more. Fear not, we won’t use your credit card to buy a million things on


They’re delicious, and we use them. Cookies store information about your visit and help us improve your site access, and track any affiliate links that may be present. Cookies don’t store any personally identifiable information we have stored on our site.

Some of our advertisers use cookies. We don’t have nor can we control their cookies. We all keep our cookies to ourselves.


It’s weird, but uses links. Not just links to navigate our site, but to external sites as well. If you click a link and it takes you to an external (someone else’s) site, take a look at their privacy statements, etc. Again, please don’t hand out your social security number. Ugh.

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